Amber Sharkbait Jones in Hawaii




I admit, the first few minutes were a little scary. With a dozen of those classic pointed fins circling our boat, I was told to climb slowly into the water and look underneath the surface to make sure there weren't any sharks right below me. In that moment I did fear for my lower limbs. 






Fear very quickly dissipated into fascination. Once I had my head beneath the surface I was hypnotised - in fact, I was so amazed by what I saw that I forgot to breathe through my snorkel. Being immersed in this cool, silent blue world, surrounded by gracefully moving animals, was like therapy. Time stood still, my mind completely emptied and all sounds were muted into serene silence. 






We were surrounded by 19 rather large Galapagos sharks and not once did I feel in threat of becoming an appetizer. One Ocean Diving not only educated me on these misunderstood creatures but they let me co-exist with them, appreciate their beauty and their grace.





Photography by Amber Jones


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