The Lost Gypsy Gallery




The Lost Gypsy Gallery is all things curious, and wonderfully, cleverly, weird. The gallery is an amazingly cluttered house bus, where every surface - including the ceiling - is covered in oddities, handmade wire gadgets, and strange snippets of writing - plus it's free to visit. You can spend hours exploring, because every inch of space in the house bus has something bizarre to offer.





Through an incredible gateway there is the second part of the Lost Gypsy - a 'theatre of sorts'. Here there are dozens of interactive, weird, and brilliant things to look at and play with. 



Above: The entrance to the coolest house-bus in the country; a sample of the theatre gateway 

To persuade you of said brilliance, here are a few examples. First there is a George Bush doll in a Bush, with a button to push (The Lost Gypsy specialises in very satisfying button-pushing) that makes the doll emit some of the ex-Presidents 'best' quotes.




Next there is a water-moving contraption, which you wind up to transport water into some old boots, which then twists a wheel of sea shells. In a bath. Yes - everything is gorgeously wacky and creative. Just stare and marvel. 




Inside a few small round buildings, there are interactive displays. One is a reused perm-maker (at least, this is what I assume it is, never having had the honour of sporting a perm) where you can insert your head to hear 'the sounds of the kakapo'. Another has a leaver to twist which creates the sound of seagulls, while the toy seagulls begin to flap their wings. 





And I'm not saying any more about the glories of the theatre, though there are dozens of displays and quirks; you'll just have to make a trip to The Catlins to find out for yourself. But rest assured - for those in need of coffee, there's a little cafe, and for those in need of creeped-up Foosball, there's this thing:




Finally, as fun as the Lost Gypsy is, we still must remember to control ourselves and respect the magical gadgets. The entertaining signs around the property might be directed at children, but let's be honest - in a place as fun and weird and amazing and clever as this - we're all children.  




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