The Coromandel: Best Beaches


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The Favourites: Hahei and Hot Water Beach have had this title practically forever, and for good reason – beauty, accessibility, and, in the case of Hot Water Beach, the ability to dig your own natural hot pool! More recently Cathedral Cove has snuck into this category, despite the half hour walk to reach the beach, because, well: 




Lesser-known beauties: To avoid the crowds at peak times, we recommend beaches that are lesser known, or require a bit of a walk to reach. Included in this category are Opoutere, New Chum, Sailors’ Grave, Waimana, Whitiroa, Orokawa Bay and Lonely Bay. 


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New Chum Beach


Beach Towns: If you just want to soak up the sun and slow-calm of a beach town, we recommend visiting the historic Coromandel Town on the Firth of Thames west coast, or one of the many towns on the Pacific coast. From north to south, these are Whitianga, Tairua and nearby Pauanui, and Whangamata. For smaller holiday communities, have a looksee around Whangapoua, Matarangi, Opito, Hahei and Hot Water Beach. 


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Our advice? As more people have started to notice the gorgeousness of The Coromandel, it has grown in popularly as a holiday destination – so try and visit the most popular spots outside of the big holiday periods, and get to the lesser known (and equally beautiful) areas for the real local experience. 




Next time, we’ll be giving our tips on the best walks, hikes and cycling trails, as well as advice for driving tours. 

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Photography by Chris Ewing


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