The Coromandel by foot and by bike

There's no better way to soak up The Coromandel 

When you aren’t relaxing at the beach or roaming the gorgeous coastal towns of The Coromandel, the best ways to explore the area are by hiking and biking. Here are our top picks for seeing the most gorgeous spots in The Coromandel – by foot or by bike. 

The Coromandel: Best Beaches

Days are getting longer and warmer... Time to daydream of The Coromandel

This week at Gratia we’re celebrating the best that The Coromandel has to offer, bringing back our own childhood memories of summer and maybe yours, too. It’s unlikely that you’ll have forgotten how gorgeous The Coromandel is if you’ve been there, but if it has faded from your mind a little, here it is: your summery reminder, and our top picks. To everyone who has never visited The Coromandel before – well, then. Here’s something to look forward to: the Best Coromandel Beaches.

The Pinnacles Trail

Photography of one of the most breath-taking hikes in New Zealand

The Pinnacles Trail, also called the Kauaeranga Kauri Trail, sits in the heart of the Coromandel Forest Park. It offers breath-taking views, and is the historic site where Kauri Bushman and their pack-horses ventured during the early 1920s for logging. The track leads to the Pinnacles Hut, where guests can stay overnight, and then to the Pinnacles summit, where glorious views of the Coromandel Peninsula await you. Awaiting you right now - some gorgeous and dramatic photography from a trip to the Pinnacles.

Matarangi Beach, The Coromandel

The season of wet and cold is upon us here in New Zealand, so why not live in fantasy land for a while and imagine you're at Matarangi Beach in the summertime? The Coromandel in January is a far nicer place to be, so let's just plan for summer and pretend... 

New Chums Beach

A stunningly beautiful stretch of coastline

If you drive as far as Whangapoua on the Coromandel Peninsula, you can then take the short walk from the northern end of the local beach through bush to New Chums Beach, or Wainuiototo Bay.

Cathedral Cove from Hahei Beach

All the tranquillity and drama of the Coromandel in one arching swoop

The Coromandel encapsulates the New Zealand ideal of natural beauty, and places like Cathedral Cove have both the sense of peace and the visual drama to communicate this in a single glance.  

Coromandel Road Trip

Photo blog from our Coromandel Roadtrip

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