Vinyl Cafe on Dominion Road


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Over the next two years, Vinyl became our favourite spot for morning coffee. In fact, on a few occasions when I would (foolishly) suggest a different cafe to my wife, she would say – “Fine. You can go there. But drop me off at Vinyl first.” Clearly, Vinyl’s coffee is better than my company.

We discovered that on the weekends they also make the best scrambled eggs in town, thick with herbs and served with crusty bread and their homemade green sauce. During the weekdays the morning offerings range from protein-packed viet salads and Ralph’s bacon and egg muffins through to cronuts and raw vegan bounty slices.


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Vinyl cafe has recently moved across Dominion Road from its previous tiny dwelling, to fit snuggly inside Ralph’s, a restaurant with delicious Mexican-inspired food on the corner of Walter’s Rd. It serves great coffee by day, killer burgers and sangria by night. Think Clark Kent and Superman, but the food version. Although the location has changed, Vinyl has retained its wonderful staff, unique menu and a lot of its odd gothic bric-a-brac.


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Most customers who come to Vinyl cafe are dedicated regulars, who only begrudgingly drink coffee anywhere else; it’s a second home to many. Come and try it, and don’t be scared: even if you’re tattoo-free, they’ll let you in.

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Photography by Melanie Tollemache

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