Takapuna Beach Cafe and Store

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Takapuna Beach Café boasts a gourmet menu full of fresh, seasonal produce sourced from their own farm in Kumeu, where high-quality, sustainable farming is the central virtue. Their breads, cheeses, yoghurts, desserts and artisan gelato are all made in house throughout their company Hipgroup by their own chefs, bakers and cheese maker so that each bite is fresh, delicious, and truly Kiwi. My favorites include their salad of beetroot, haloumi, mint, avocado and almonds, and their pan roasted market fish, but you can view their full menu here.

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Okay, I confess. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and there’s something about a good ice cream in a waffle cone which makes me completely malleable; it’s perfect bribe material. Takapuna Beach Café’s Store serves award-winning artisan gelato which is some of the best in Auckland – I have no chance to resist. Combine that with some delicious Allpress espresso coffee and even a quick trip to Takapuna Beach Café and Store makes for the perfect end to a Sunday afternoon.

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Although internationally New Zealand is renowned for its forests, Lord of the Rings and rugby, take it from a local that the little spots like Takapuna Beach Café are just as precious, and just as much a part of what makes New Zealand unique.

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Whether you want a wonderful meal overlooking the ocean, a coffee and pastry to start off your weekend, or a glorious ice cream to nibble while walking the dog along the beach, Takapuna Beach Café and Store is the place to be.

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