Little and Friday Cafe and Bakery

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So often, you will splurge on something sweet and rich, and find yourself disappointed. I cannot imagine this happening to anyone who goes to Little and Friday. Their doughnuts are the best I’ve ever had; the savoury mushroom or beetroot and blue cheese tarts are perfect. If you’re sharing, make sure to split everything in parts before the eating commences. Otherwise, you may find yourself minus a few friends at the end of the meal, after you’ve squabbled over who ate more of the orange and rosewater cake.

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Not only is the cabinet food incredible, but the meals on the menu are equally wonderful, and perfect if you aren’t such a sweet tooth. We ate Little and Friday’s smashed avocado on toast with goat’s feta, lime and coriander, which was the best avocado on toast I have ever had the pleasure of eating. And I have eaten a lot of avocado. This is one to daydream about, the kind that makes you think that the chef has magical abilities – because otherwise why isn’t mine like that? Everything else on the menu sounds just as amazing, especially those that include wood-roasted stone fruit. (I’m a sucker for the words ‘stone fruit’).

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The new café in Ponsonby is just as lovely as the food itself. Light, spacious and relaxed, it is the perfect place to meet a friend, have a family lunch out – or eat alone, so no one that you know can see you messily consume your crème diplomat and raspberry doughnut. Some things taste so good that you shouldn’t have to worry about where on your face a mess might have cumulated until later.

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The only problem with Little and Friday is that it makes me realise how comparatively average my own baking is, even with recipes that I would call my specialty. If you would like to see how your own baking compares, you must give it a go. You could also go for more psychologically healthy reasons, such as because you and your friends love great food, or because you were completely blown away and convinced by this review. Check out the cafes in Ponsonby, Newmarket, Belmont or in the centre of Auckland City.

Like me, you’ll probably leave feeling amazed at the wonders of food, and licking very sugary fingers.

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Photography by IsabellaWeb

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