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Now you’ll be wondering what on earth I’m talking about, and fair enough! I was one of three people participating in a Photography ‘Walk-Shop’ run by DJB photography school. The premise of their walk-shops is that in two hours you’ll learn how to use your digital camera.


This walk-shop was called Night Photography Fundamentals.

Our excursion took our small group from the Aotea Square meeting place into an unlikely-seeming prospect for photographing the city: an old car parking building. But any mounting skepticism as we climbed the carpark’s stairs disappeared as we emerged onto the rooftop, and were greeted with an unexpectedly lovely perspective of the city.

The first lesson of the day related to using tripods and understanding the best settings for long exposures. Our guide, Jordan, helped everyone to grapple with the light conditions and capture something a bit different.

City Walk 1
City Walk 2

Our next stop was to the foot of the Sky Tower, where we provided some entertainment for passing crowds as we precariously juggled tripods on sloping footpaths to capture the red and green hulk.

Heading towards the sea, we paused to admire the Sky Tower jostling with trees in the park by St. Patrick’s cathedral. We passed the hole-in-the-ground where the Downtown Building used to be and ended up by the harbour. A visiting boat, the Hoegh Autoliners, became our subject as we tried varying exposure times to see how the reflected light from the ship changed our pictures.

City Walk 3
City Walk 4

Finally, we walked to the bottom of Queen Street. There we learnt about ‘panning’ – following a moving object to create a sense of movement with a blurred background. Hmmm, more practice needed there …

Our guide, Jordan, was very engaging and enthusiastic. He gave plenty of hands-on help to the less experienced photographers amongst us - to whom the walk-shops are pitched - as well as offering new ideas to me.

So if you’re interested in getting a fresh look at your neck of the woods, check out djb photography School []. If you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or even New York, don’t despair – the school also operates in your town.

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