The Chocolate Boutique, Parnell


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As both a specialist chocolate shop and a cafe, The Chocolate Boutique has everything a sweet tooth could want. When you take a seat in the cafe you are surrounded by hundreds of different kinds of treats, wrapped and parceled beautifully. You can relax, take your time over the impressively mouth-watering menu, have a drink or meal, or just drop in to choose a quick and thoughtful gift. You could spend hours in here debating over which handmade chocolates to buy, but here are the most popular to help you out - the tangy passionfruit white chocolate, the fruity boysenberry, and the crunchy hazelnut cone. 


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It's not only the deliciousness factor that makes The Chocolate Boutique a thing to behold and a place to go - it's the incredible attention to detail, to making every aspect of the cafe and its products beautiful, intricate and unique. Barbara and the team create beautiful boxes and packaging by hand, and are absolute masters of their craft. If you want to give someone a chocolatey gift, you'll come here for the quality and range of the chocolates - but you'll also come here because the packaging makes your gift endlessly more special. 


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The Chocolate Boutique's Italian denso is one of the most popular treats available - and the most top-secret. In between a hot chocolate and a thick, creamy, mousse-like dessert, the denso has 36 secret ingredients, and no one but Barbara knows what they are. I don't know about you, but the idea that my drink has a seriously secret recipe makes me like it even more. 


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And, of course, no one can visit The Chocolate Boutique without appreciating the wall of old-fashioned candy jars. This is the way to buy candy and enjoy it. From a glass jar. 


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The take home message today - if you like chocolate, or dessert, or candy in a jar, there aren't many places that you will love more than you love The Chocolate Boutique. 

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