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Gratia beta is live on the App and Play Stores!

Big, juicy, exciting news for all travelers and NZ locals: This week Gratia has gone live with its open beta on the App Store and Play Store. (Actually, it’s pretty exciting news for us, the Gratia team, too!)

Wander around the Villages of Auckland

Want to travel in New Zealand and live like a local?

My favourite way to explore a new place when I travel is to wander. Of course the big tourist must-dos are often just that – must-dos – but to get a sense of place, a sense of how the locals live, I like to walk around the community hubs, look in the shops and parks, and eat like a local. Here's Gratia's way to help, for anyone wanting to explore a new area of central Auckland. 

Explore and share experiences with Gratia

If you’ve ever found yourself a) in a new place, or b) in the same old place and in need of something new to do, we’ve got a little something to help…

We know that when we’re exploring a new town, city, or some place in the middle of nowhere, there are some things we’d like to know – where to get the best local takeaways? What beaches and walks are close by? How can I find myself a cold beer? To answer all of these questions and more – that is why we’ve created Gratia. 

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Gratia's is now available! You can download it on iOS and Android using the links below.

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