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New social travel app Gratia launches in New Zealand today


Auckland, New Zealand – Monday 22 May 2017: A new travel app called Gratia, which becomes available today, offers one of the richest sources of ideas for things to do and see in New Zealand. The simple app allows iPhone and Android phone users to find things to do from a multitude of activities and interact with people who share their interests.

Gratia uses content from Yelp and Tourism New Zealand, with additional curated content developed with partners including Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail, Bay of Islands Information, Adventure Living, AJ Hackett and Queenstown Life. Several regional tourism organisations, including Northland, Hamilton-Waikato, Destination Coromandel, Rotorua NZ and Visit Ruapehu are supporting the platform with their content. Several other organisations are preparing to join the platform.

Users simply sign in through their Facebook account, then swipe through the multitude of activities and save them to their favourites. From there, they can build a schedule, invite friends, and even find and connect with new people interested in the same things. They can chat with their Gratia friends, share their favourites and invitations and create their own activity groups for people who share their interests.

“Gratia has established relationships with travel and tourism organisations across New Zealand, which helps us bring the best content from around the country to the app,” Gratia founder Chris Ewing says.

“We are seeking more partnerships throughout New Zealand to allow users an even greater range of activities. For businesses and organisations, it’s the perfect platform to showcase their offerings without large development costs.”

Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail provides its own app experience using the Gratia platform.

Jason Menard, Alps 2 Ocean (A2O) Development Officer, says, “We are thrilled to be a content partner with Gratia as this has enabled A2O to build our own app experience, complete with our own colours and branding, for travellers visiting our world-famous cycling trail situated in the South Island of New Zealand.

“Travellers can use our A2O app on Gratia to connect with each other through a shared interest, arrange to meet each other, and then ride the nine-section 300 kilometre trail that links the Southern Alps with the Pacific Ocean. They can also use the A2O app on Gratia to access a broad range of relevant content from accommodation and food to bike hire. It also allows users to book their own unique experiences.

“All our content on Gratia is owned and managed by A2O through our portal. In effect, A2O has its own app without incurring the related development and maintenance costs. We are also able to support the businesses in the region that wish to be included on our app.”

Destination Coromandel brings the beauty of the spectacular Coromandel region on New Zealand’s North Island to the Gratia app.

Hadley Dryden, General Manager of Destination Coromandel, says, “We are delighted with our joint venture with Gratia to promote this beautiful region, both with the free things to do and the businesses that support visitors. Together, we’ve created Gratia’s Coromandel theme so travellers can see all the best things to do and explore when they visit The Coromandel.

"Gratia features The Coromandel in a purpose-built travel app so travellers don’t have to download an app specifically for our region. We can leverage their network and potentially go further by highlighting multi-faceted attractions such as the Hauraki Rail Trail.

“We own and manage all the content through the portal and organise commercial listings on our website and the Gratia app. Our listing revenues are shared.”

The free Gratia app is now available for locals and travellers to find New Zealand content from anywhere in the world.

It's no mystery that travelling is much more fun if you can share the experience.

Available on the App Store:

Get it on Google Play:

Please visit www.gratiaapp.com for more Gratia information, including videos and screenshots of the app.

The Gratia app was developed and is owned by Gratia Software Limited. The founders of Gratia Software Limited are Chris Ewing and Douglas Paul.

About Gratia
Are you travelling around New Zealand or living locally and looking for new things to do? Download Gratia, the richest source of travel and social activities throughout the country. No matter where you’re going or what you want to do, Gratia provides you with the best and broadest range of options, and makes finding things easy.

Indoors, outdoors, mainstream or off the beaten track, we have plenty of options for everyone, whatever your interests. You will also soon be able to find accommodation and transport as well, all within a single platform.

You can also share your experiences through Gratia chat. Invite your Facebook friends to connect with you, set up and manage your own groups, and share the activities you are interested in. You may even meet someone new.

We have you covered throughout New Zealand, so start your trip with Gratia today! And stay tuned as we expand Gratia to the rest of the world…

About Chris Ewing
Chris Ewing has more than a decade of experience working alongside New Zealand businesses in digital development, user experience and brand strategy.

Chris has meshed his passion for travel and digital experiences to create Gratia, an app platform for New Zealand that provides a unique experience for locals and visitors alike.

Contact information
If you would like further information on Gratia, or would like to schedule an interview,
please contact:
Jessica Griffin, Affinity PR
+64 21 2214 822
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To download the app: www.gratiaapp.com
Gratia Travel Blog: http://gratiaapp.com/travel-blog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gratiaapp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gratiaapp/

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Download the Gratia App

Gratia's is now available! You can download it on iOS and Android using the links below.

Download Gratia on iOSDownload Gratia on Android