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Wander around the Villages of Auckland




Gratia’s Villages of Auckland is designed to show you around the best community hubs in the central Auckland. It shows you the best places to eat, drink, and shop, but also the major cultural and iconic features of the local area. You don’t have to leave the central city to enjoy a fun and exciting day in Auckland – all you have to do is take the time to wander, and get to know the local lifestyle.


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If you wake up in Mt Eden, you don’t need to jump on the next bus – take a day exploring the community you find yourself in; taste the coffee, peer into the bookshops, choose a picnic lunch and climb up the mountain! Or if you’ve wandered into Kingsland (after watching some rugby, perhaps…) we’ll guide you on where to eat, drink, and soak up one of Auckland’s best local music scenes. 




We’ll help you out in the beach communities of St Heliers, Mission Bay and Devonport, and send you on your way to Waiheke Island for an afternoon sipping wine in the sunshine. For a day of boutique shopping and fine dining, look to Parnell and Ponsonby villages – and Gratia will let you know all the nooks and crannies that you won’t want to miss.


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Balmoral and Sandringham Villages are the colourful centres of delicious and authentic Chinese and Indian cuisine, perfect to start a fun night out with friends. Just take a look in Gratia and you’ll know that trying the local cuisine and looking around the amazing spice shops is The Thing To Do. And, although these aren’t traditional villages, we’ve made sure to include the Auckland Viaduct for its array of restaurants, markets and unique view of the harbour, and K Road, for its rich, gritty lifestyle. 

Whichever Auckland Village you find yourself in, or wherever you want to explore, Gratia’s Villages of Auckland will show you all of your options, from a local’s perspective. It will also provide you with the ultimate local’s itinerary for exploring the village you choose!

So, which are the best villages in central Auckland to explore? Check out the Gratia app and have a look. 


Photography by Melanie Tollemache


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