Gratia Help

Below are a series of instructional videos on how to use the Gratia app.

One Touch Sign In

You sign into Gratia with your Facebook account login details. This will load your Facebook profile and you can edit it later if you wish to. After sign in, you go to the Home page. Icons at the bottom of the page provide access to Interests/Schedule, Chat, Location Selector and Settings.

Activity Deck

Tap a category tile to access activity cards. Activities are ordered by how far they are from you. Swipe right to save cards to your Interests. Cards swiped left disappear from the deck until the category is exhausted. You can then refresh the category with the discards.

Review Activity Details

Tap the card “More Info”. This accesses a second card with Yelp reviews (if available), location, contact details and other information. You can left/right select by tapping the left/right icons. On the page top right are more options; invite a Gratia friend, open in maps or add to Schedule.

Browse Themes

Themes will show up if they are relevant to your Location search. They are denoted by a yellow touch icon at the top of the Home page. Available Themes can be accessed by tapping the icon, then slide right to see more Themes. Tap a Theme to access a new set of categories and cards.

Search for Themes

Themes are searchable on keywords and the Theme name. The keywords will typically be included in Theme promotions. Click the search button on the top right of the Home page and enter a keyword or Theme name to find a Theme.

Search for Activities

You can search for an activity in Gratia. Click the search button on the top right of the Home page, change to activity search and type an activity description (eg “café”) or activity name.

Review your Favourites

Tap the Favourites/Schedule icon to open Interests to see saved activity tiles. Tap a tile to open the card, then tap more options on the top right to invite a friend, open in maps, add to your Schedule or find others interested. Others interested also show in a yellow touch bar at the bottom of the card and as a yellow touch icon on the tile.

Create a Group

In Chat, you can create and administer your own groups and invite your friends to join. A group must have a name and a photo. You can also add a URL and description. Groups use all the Chat functions. Any member can also invite a friend to join, subject to approval by the administrator.

Delete Activities

Double tapping any tile in Interests or Schedule will open delete mode. Then single tap any tiles you wish to delete. You will see a trash icon on selected tiles. Tap “Confirm” on the top right of the page to complete deletes. Tap the “X” icon on the top left to cancel/exit delete mode.

Find Others Interested

Tap on the “Find Others Interested” option in an activity card (where available) to see profile cards of interested people. Slide up to invite and down to reject. If you slide a friend up, it sets up an invitation. If you slide a stranger up and they independently slide you up, you will be matched as Gratia friends in Chat.

Review your Schedule

Tap on the Schedule tab in the Interests/Schedule page to view scheduled activities. Select more options at the bottom right of the tile to show the day route and friends who are joining you, to email the activity or to send it to your calendar. Tap the tile to view the card.

Select a Location

Tap the Location icon at the bottom of the Home, Interests, Chat and Profile pages to access the location selector. You can select any location and a search radius of up to 40 kms. The activity cards are refreshed from the search parameters. Tap the current location icon to return to your present position.

Chat Features

In Chat, you can one to one chat, multi chat, share photos, activities and friend profiles, plus receive and accept or reject invitations. Facebook friends automatically show up as friends in contacts if they use Gratia. Slide a friend in contacts right to see the profile and left to remove.

Setup your Profile

Tap the Settings icon then select Profile. You can add or change photos and alter all the settings and description. The photos and your description appear on your profile card. Gender, Profile Type and Age are not required but can be used with Match Filters (also found in Settings) to limit new friends you are matched with.

Other Settings

Under Settings, you can access Help, see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, turn key notifications on and off, manage who you see in Gratia from your Facebook friends, alter your personal filter for new friends, log out and delete your account. Some of these services will be turned on later in the beta trial.