Gratia - Ice Cream

Black Peak Gelato, Wanaka

How to best celebrate the end of summer

Black Peak Gelato is a tiny artisan ice cream shop in the centre of Wanaka (still one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, despite all those damn tourists – like me – trying to overcrowd and wreck it). Black Peak Gelato serves beautiful handmade gelatos and sorbets, and sits directly opposite Lake Wanaka. Forget eating an ice cream at the beach. Eat one of these gelatos while walking along the lake, surrounded by mountains.

Giapo, Ice Cream as You've Never Seen It Before

The Giapo mission: to make New Zealand famous for ice cream 

One handbag, a notepad and my right shoe were happily sacrificed at Giapo last week. They all smell like sticky, rich chocolate gelato now; that's what happens when you get so caught up in the beauty of an object that you forget that it melts, and is actually produced to be eaten. A metaphor for life, perhaps? Certainly a recipe for the most gorgeous and extravagant ice creams in the country. 

Takapuna Beach Cafe and Store

Boasting spectacular views and multi-award winning gelato

As a North Shore local for twenty years, Takapuna Beach is a very special place to me. Takapuna represents the heart of where I consider home, and is the part of New Zealand that I miss when I’m elsewhere. Although Takapuna Beach is a beautiful stretch of land in its own right, it is Takapuna Beach Café that I think makes it such an unbeatable destination