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Ruapehu Roadtrip: A Photoblog

A scenic trip through the most beautiful spots on your way to the snow

Driving from Auckland to Ruapehu takes around four and a half hours - but the incredible scenery along the way makes it feel much shorter. The views also make the drive feel much more dangerous, because at times it's a struggle to keep your eyes just on the road ahead. These photographs are from the eastern route around Lake Taupo (route 1), and this is the most beautiful way to travel - although either way, you're surrounded by mountains and vast greenery, so you can't really go wrong. 

The Great New Zealand Road Trip

Travel Blogger Indigo Paul sets forth from Auckland to Wanaka in her Jucy rental - a Nissan called Betsy

Knowing that I had to travel from Auckland to Wanaka, I had a decision to make about how to get there. Most of the time, that decision might comprise of Air New Zealand vs. Jet Star, but with my deep-seated hatred of airports, my options were a little broader. A couple of centuries ago, nature-dude Henry David Thoreau wrote the tempting passage “the swiftest traveller is he that goes afoot”. Now, I enjoy walking three quarters the length of New Zealand just as much as the next lady, but with less than a week to get there, I decided to take the modern equivalent - a cheap rental car whom I named Betsy.