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Village Tours: Dominion Road, Balmoral

“Dominion Road is bending / Under its own weight”

The Muttonbirds sang it in the nineties, and since then Dominion road has only become heavier, loaded down with cars, buses - and excellent food. The strip has long been one of Auckland’s main arteries, often dominated by the daily commute, but in the last 20 years it has been filled with some of the best Asian restaurants in the country; there are more than 150 Chinese shops in Balmoral - half the businesses in the area. This, plus the appearance of some other delectable eateries, and the survival of the Capitol movie theatre, makes for a lively and colourful urban experience for locals and visitors.

Village Tours: Mount Eden

In this new series of articles sisters Indigo and Wyoming Paul are going to show you a local's perspective of the best villages of central Auckland. They'll give you a tour of how to spend a day exploring each village, so whether you're from the other side of the world, or just the other side of Auckland, you'll get a local’s perspective of their neighbourhood. Since the Paul sisters grew up in Mt Eden, work in Mt Eden, and continue to spend way too much money on pastries in Mt Eden, it seemed like a good place to begin.  

Wander around the Villages of Auckland

Want to travel in New Zealand and live like a local?

My favourite way to explore a new place when I travel is to wander. Of course the big tourist must-dos are often just that – must-dos – but to get a sense of place, a sense of how the locals live, I like to walk around the community hubs, look in the shops and parks, and eat like a local. Here's Gratia's way to help, for anyone wanting to explore a new area of central Auckland.