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Cathedral Cove from Hahei Beach

All the tranquillity and drama of the Coromandel in one arching swoop

The Coromandel encapsulates the New Zealand ideal of natural beauty, and places like Cathedral Cove have both the sense of peace and the visual drama to communicate this in a single glance.  

Cheltenham Beach to Devonport

The ideal Auckland City summer is Cheltenham

Cheltenham Beach in Devonport is a long, gorgeous, sandy stretch of the ideal Auckland summer. This is well-known by Devonport locals. They know that a walk on the beach with warm sand between your toes is the best way to both start and finish your day. They know that fish and chips and beer never taste as good as they do when mixed with the smells of the coast, and with the feeling of sea breeze on your skin. They know that nothing is more refreshing on a scorching day than slipping into the cool ocean, and nothing makes you feel more alive than getting dunked by the waves.

Coromandel Road Trip

Photo blog from our Coromandel Roadtrip

Introducing The Coromandel on Gratia

To help you find all the best things to do in The Beautiful Coromandel 

Gratia are thrilled to announce our partnership with Destination Coromandel! Together, we’ve created Gratia’s Coromandel theme, so you can see all of the best things to do and explore when you visit The Coromandel. Get the Gratia app from the App Store or Play Store, choose The Coromandel theme and then you’re all set to swipe through the best activities and hidden locations The Coromandel has to offer.

Maranui Cafe

Brunch and ocean views at Wellington's famous surf club cafe

Maranui Cafe, which sits above Maranui Surf Club, is a well-established Wellington favourite for all the best reasons. It has a wide range of consistently delicious food, the most gorgeous views of the ocean, and a space full of colour, life - and large taxidermy fish. What more could you want on a beautiful summers day?


Matarangi Beach, The Coromandel

The season of wet and cold is upon us here in New Zealand, so why not live in fantasy land for a while and imagine you're at Matarangi Beach in the summertime? The Coromandel in January is a far nicer place to be, so let's just plan for summer and pretend... 

Surat Bay at sunrise, the Catlins

Sea lions, stilts and mugs of Earl Grey

It was 7am on a Sunday, and Wanda and I were out the door of our cabin in Newhaven holiday park with mugs of hot Earl Grey tea. Surat Bay was just a few minutes' walk away, through the tussock and sand dunes where sea lions sleep, and we marched on to arrive by 7.14am - the time that Google told us would mark the sunrise. We were cursing ourselves for not bringing scarves and gloves, and I was having trouble keeping my tea inside it's mug. But soon we reached the sandy bay, wiped clean overnight. Our only company was the black-winged stilts and some sea lions hidden and asleep up on the dunes. We watched the sunrise and took photos for half an hour, before rushing back to our cabin for marmalade toast and to empty the sand from our shoes. Here are our photographic spoils, as the sun rose. 

The Coromandel: Best Beaches

Days are getting longer and warmer... Time to daydream of The Coromandel

This week at Gratia we’re celebrating the best that The Coromandel has to offer, bringing back our own childhood memories of summer and maybe yours, too. It’s unlikely that you’ll have forgotten how gorgeous The Coromandel is if you’ve been there, but if it has faded from your mind a little, here it is: your summery reminder, and our top picks. To everyone who has never visited The Coromandel before – well, then. Here’s something to look forward to: the Best Coromandel Beaches.

Wharariki Beach, Golden Bay

Take a picnic at sunset to Wharariki Beach

If you're visiting Golden Bay in the Abel Tasman National Park, one of the most beautiful and unknown beaches in the country is just down the road. We're made a little photography collection to convince you of our wild claims of beauty - take a look!