Gratia - Auckland

Re-discover your city with a Photography Walk-Shop

Recently, and for just two hours, I became a tourist in my own town, [the place in which I was born and have lived for over 50 years]. I ended up in places I’d never been, and saw Auckland in a different light. Actually, there was little natural light, because this adventure took place at night. But the sun’s absence was well compensated for by the abundance of man-made luminescence.

Villa Maria

A Kiwi Story of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

You’ve probably heard of Villa Maria before. As a New Zealander, it’s pretty hard not to recognize the brand name and you’ll probably have sampled their world renowned sauvignon blanc at some stage. What you may not be aware of is the amazing story behind Villa Maria. It’s a journey of a kiwi entrepreneur with a passion for wine and with the drive to create an iconic New Zealand success story and leave a legacy that every New Zealander can be proud of.