The Auckland Museum

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The storytelling is continued indoors in three levels. The museum reflects New Zealand in its entirety and the exhibitions include the Maori court, Pacific culture, landmarks, natural history and a permanent display of Scars on the Heart memorial of ANZAC participation. Although significantly New Zealand-centric, the museum does not forgo the amazing artefacts from around the world such as Arts of Asia and frequently holds new exhibitions.

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Not only are these artefacts spectacularly displayed, much of the exhibitions are also interactive. Maori cultural performances are held daily and group tours can be booked to experience the Maori Court in a more profound light. The Weird and Wonderful exhibition is an amazing kid-friendly space where kids of all ages can really explore and learn of nature from every nook and cranny with glass tanks holding insects and fish, drawers filled with nature and sandpits to get their hands dirty. The natural history section holds a volcano display and a small interactive house inside which a volcano eruption can be experienced with realistic news footage and a window overlooking the harbour..

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Auckland Museum is the perfect place to explore and reconnect with New Zealand.


Photographer by IsabellaWeb