Black Peak Gelato, Wanaka

Black Peak - 1

Black Peak Gelato makes gelato and sorbet in a diverse and ever-changing array of flavours, with gelatos including pavlova, whisky, pistachio, liquorice, apple pie and coca cola, plus all of your traditional favourites. The sorbets use fresh fruit, sourced from Central Otago orchards whenever possible. The flavours range from various stone fruits and berries to feijoa, kiwi fruit and watermelon. It pains me to leave out so many great flavours, so here is the official list, for those who are curious (i.e. drooling). I tried the nectarine sorbet, which was fresh and full of chunks of fruit, and pineapple lump gelato, which was creamy and subtle. Amazingly, Black Peak Gelato has so far created over seventy flavours of gelato and sorbet, all handmade by owner Jon using a 70-year-old Tuscan recipe.

Black Peak - 2

Black Peak Gelato also has a vintage gelato truck which can be booked for private events, and which is catering to many public events throughout the year. The opening hours of the shop are 10am-10pm during the warm months, so luckily that ice cream craving can be dealt to day or night. During those winter months which, I’m sorry to say, are starting to make themselves known, the hours shift to 10.30-6.30. However, if you’re a midnight snacker, you can also buy tubs of gelato from Black Peak, to get you through those nights when ice cream is a necessity, for psychological reasons best explained by scientists.

Black Peak - 3

I remember being maybe thirteen, with one of my friends, and we decided to continue our usual ritual of buying banana ice creams (it’s a delicious and highly sophisticated flavour. Don’t judge until you try it). A terrible accident of balance occurred, and my friend’s ice cream ended up on the dirty concrete pavement. So my final word of wisdom: go and buy a Black Peak ice cream, but for goodness’ sake hold onto it tightly, because your friend might not share hers with you if you don’t. I know I didn’t share mine.

Black Peak - 4

As always, Gratia’s beta trial is starting soon, so if you want to get involved (and discover more gelato shops around the country) press HERE. See how I did Capslock to make it seem more enticing?

Photography by Melanie Tollemache