Jump: What to do on a rainy day


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But, to backtrack a little, to before we arrived: I had my doubts. As someone who knows nothing about trampolining, this sounded like a bit of a kiddie activity to me. I thought it would really be for kids, and that we would be the weird 22-year olds, the only adults who weren't supervising children (or, as Jump adorably calls children, 'minis'). Happily I discovered that this was not the case - there were a bunch of toddlers, but a large portion of the space is set up with older children and adults in mind. And actually, a lot of it is pretty challenging. 


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The colourful, grippy socks you wear at Jump so stop any slipping up

One of the coolest parts of Jump is the Olympic-level trampolines - that means, really, really bouncy. Too bouncy for someone like me, who prefers feet-on-floor, but a lot of fun for anyone wanting to practice flips or wall-walking (i.e. bouncing on your back so that your body is horizontal and your feet can touch the wall). There are lovely - and talented - instructors to show you how it's done. 


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There are also basketball hoops (I think we all know what those are for) ...


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... A foam pit, along with a wrestling beam and launch pads, for those dare devils ...


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... And extreme dodge ball, for some healthy/slightly aggressive group competition. 


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Plus, of course, a large area for kids. Perfect for those days when you're bored of visiting the local park and just need a bit of a change. Jump also organises birthday parties for littlies and oldies, if you're in need of new ideas.  In fact they have a lot of special events, including dodge ball tournaments, night time sessions and fitness classes - too much to chat about here, so check out the website.


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If you're thinking this looks like fun, and maybe a bit more interested than the rainy-day-weekend you had planned, then try it out - there are Jump parks on the North Shore, in East Tamaki, in Avondale and one in Hamilton. You can find opening hours here and prices here. We try to be helpful. We also try to have fun!   


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