About Gratia

The idea for Gratia emerged in late 2014 while chatting with a couple of international travellers who were frustrated with how difficult it was to meet people abroad. Both had travelled to New Zealand alone and wanted to immerse themselves in Kiwi culture, but had found it challenging to meet locals and make friends. It's no mystery that travelling is much more fun if you get to share the experience.

The idea was simple: there should be an app which makes it easy to meet people who share your interests. We wanted to combine the ease of connecting with people online with the real purpose of making those connections - to get out into the world and make the most of what is there, with people who you can enjoy the journey with.

The result was Gratia. It lets you explore the best things to do, see, experience (and let's not forget, eat) with information from all around New Zealand, plus communicate your findings to others, all in one simple platform.

Gratia has evolved a huge amount over the last 2 years to become what it is today. We've had a bunch of talented people join us on the journey, and together we've refined my initial idea into an app that I think will have a significant impact on the travel industry - not only in New Zealand but around the world.

Chris Ewing
Gratia Founder

Gratia Travel Bloggers

Our incredibly talented team who produce the Gratia Travel Blog each week

  • Wyo Paul
  • Indigo Paul
  • Isabella Clark
  • Amber Jones
  • Wyo Paul

    Wyo Paul

    Blog Editor

    Wyoming is the editor of Gratia's blog. She's a bookseller, fiction writer, politics student on hiatus, painter, skier and out-of-breath hiker (in that order). In her free time she likes to lie in bed with her cat or chat about how dysfunctional society is.
  • Indigo Paul

    Indigo Paul

    Content Creator

    Indigo Paul is an actor, writer, and avid tea-drinker who is currently (somewhat) settled in New York after a couple of years running around the planet like a maniac.
  • Isabella Clark

    Isabella Clark


    Isabella is a design student, talented photographer and social media guru. View Isabella's other work on her website isabellaweb.com
  • Amber Jones

    Amber Jones

    International Blogger

    Living the good life shouldn't be confined to weekends and four weeks annual leave. I'm a risk-taker, an idealist, a photographer and a traveller who believes that they can all commingle and make up my dream life. Well that's my informal personal mantra I just came up with, and may never use again. I'll work on that..

    Learn more about Amber at her website www.amberandfriends.net

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